50 Fresh Software Engineer (C / C++, .NET, JAVA) (phù hợp cho các bạn chưa có kinh nghiệm)
+ Good programming skill with Java/.Net/C++
+ Good database with MS SQL, Oracle, DB2
+ Good background of OOP, Java/Swing for desktop and web application
+ Good background of C/C++/STL/MFC
40 SQA Engineers:
· Good Skill of Network, Software development, Android Testing.
· Knowledge of software testing, especially in testing techniques and testing methodologies.
· Experience in testing tools for Unit tests and Automation tests are a plus.
· Skill in programming in some of the following: C/C++, Java, XML, Java Script, .NET.
10 Mobile Software Engineers:
· Fresher or at least 2+ years experience.
· Competent in C/C++, Object C, Java
· Experience in mobile platforms (Android, iOS, J2ME, Symbian, WinCE), on HTML5/Javascript is a plus
· Have strong knowledge on OOP and OOAD
50 Experienced Embedded Software Engineer (EMB):
· Competent in C/C++
· 2+ year experience in working on Embedded Device Driver/Firmware/Realtime OS/MCU domains.
· High motivation, fast learning capability, good attitude toward software development on embedded platforms.
· Good knowledge of embedded OS, Embedded Driver/Firmware, Microcontroller architecture (ARM Cortex M/R/A, FreeScale, MIPS, SH, RX, …)
6 Technical supports (DNB):
· Intermediate Linux Command Line Experience.
· Knowledge of Open Source products (OpenVas, WireShark, Snort, etc)
· Extensive Trouble Shooting skills involved with Installation, Deployment and Usage in a Complex Network Environment
· Deep Hands On Experience Performing Network/System Administration and/or Technical Support in Complicated Multi-Device Networks
· Production use of CRM Systems.
· Knowledge of RMA Procedures and EOL Policies
· Previous Experience providing Technical Support for a Network Security Company, Customer Facing role (Customer Service, Support, etc.)
40 Java/.NET Developer (FA):
· At least 4+ years-experience in programming with .NET/JAVA
· Good at Object Oriented Programming (OOP), Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) skills, SOA, design pattern, common framework, UML
· Experience in enterprise application / client-server
· DBMS: MS SQL, Oracle, DB2
· Solid IT background knowledge (software applications development and testing, standards, best practices, security, networking, OS, DBMS, middleware, etc.)
5 JAVA/HTML5 Developers (EMB):
· 2+ years experience in JAVA/HTML5
· Experience with mobile development is a plus
50 Bridge Software Engineer
· At least 1 year of working experience as BSE
· Japanese skill is equivalent level 2
· Good requirement analysis skill
· Good programming skill in .NET, Java, C/C++ is a plus
· Experience in writing document and presentation is a plus
· Proficiency in English is a plus
- Được trợ cấp ăn uống (40k/ngày)
- Lương : Trao đổi khi phỏng vấn rất hấp dẫn
- Trợ cấp ngoại ngữ :
+ Tiếng Anh : TOEIC 700 (500k/tháng), 800(1tr/tháng) 900(1.5tr/tháng)
+ Tiếng Nhật : N3 (500k/tháng), N2 (5tr/tháng), N1 (10tr/tháng)
- Trợ cấp xăng xe
- Bảo hiểm
- Được đi trip 1 năm 1 đến 2 lần
- Có điều kiện đi làm onsite và hơn thế nữa
- Rất nhiều trợ cấp và quyền lợi khác.
Các bạn quan tâm xin nộp CV viết bằng TIẾNG ANH về:
Subject khi gửi mail:
+ "Application for C/C++ Fresher", hoặc
+ "Application for C/C++ Engineer".. (tùy vị trí bạn ứng tuyển)