Software Testing: Choosing The Best Of Plan-Driven And Testing Strategy

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    The Course of Testing Strategies You Don’t Want to Miss

    The first Lee Copeland’s training course in Vietnam

    In today’s software testing industry, many IT leaders are facing with the struggle between choosing the traditional "Plan-Driven" and the newer "Agile" methods. Each has its own pros and cons; and it is really difficult to determine which one is better.

    To help you find out which of the Plan-Driven and Agile approaches will work best in your organization and projects, Ho Chi Minh City Software Testing Club and Larion Computing Ltd. organize this course with a keynote speaker coming from the STAR testing conferences, Lee Copeland.

    Being a respected leader in the IT industry and a well-known international software testing consultant, Lee Copeland will offer insights and suggestions on the methods and approaches that will be most valued to your project—control vs. flexibility, individual contribution vs. process guidance, and contractual specification vs. adaptable delivery.

    Why Should You Join This Course?

    Lee Copeland
    Software Testing Guru
    Lee Copeland has over thirty years’ experience as an information system professional. He is a well-known and highly regarded speakerat software conferences both in the United States and internationally.

    As a consultant with Software Quality Engineering, Lee has developed and taught numerous training courses focusing on software development and testing based on his extensive experience.

    In addition, Lee is the author of the popular reference book, A Practitioner’s Guide to Software Test Design, a compendium of the most effective methods of test case design; and he has been served as Program Chair for the STAR testing conferences.

    By joining this course, you can advance your software testing career by connecting and learning from not only Software Testing Guru but also other locally experts in HCMC, Vietnam. Plus, you can get a worldwide expert in software testing to answer to your current business problems.

    What Will You Learn From This Course?

    By attending this course, you will have deep dive into software testing field and absorb the knowledge of the traditional "Plan-Driven" and the newer "Agile" approaches to software development.

    Moreover, you will learn ways to optimize approaching and solving problem of Agile project according to specific context. Additionally, the course also helps you to explore the risks, unknowns and potential conflicts from the outset to minimize the failure of the project.

    By the end of the course, you can find out which of the Plan-Driven and Agile processes will work best in your organization and in your project's context; as well as the benefits of the changes and innovation in both the individual and the organization.

    Download the Full Training Program details here.

    Who Should Join This Course?

    IT directors CTOs,

    Software and Test managers,

    QA Managers and Analysts,

    Software development managers,

    Stop struggling with the two software testing approaches, join us and get your current business problems solved.


    Test practitioners and Engineers,

    Managers and Professionals are interested in people, processes, and technologies to test and evaluate software intensive systems.

    Join us to skyrocket your software testing career now.

    It is advisable that you should be fluent in English (listening and speaking) to fully understand this course.

    Apply Now for this Training course

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