Hoc Tieng Anh truc tiep voi gv NN chuyen nghiep

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    Lương: 100,000đ
    Số điện thoại: O981353811
    Địa chỉ: Lang Ha va Hoang Hoa Tham

    Xin chao cac ban,

    Toi ten la Lorenn , toi la giao vien den tu Canada co ky niem 4 nam day tieng anh o Hanoi , em va chong cua em da lam viec voi cac trung tam gioi trong thoi gian day , minh da day tieng anh cho cac chinh do tu lop cho tre em den nguoi lon . Hien tai minh da mo mot so lop tai nha minh o ben quan Dong Da gan dsq My , nhung van dang tim nguoi co yeu hoc tieng anh theo yeu cau de giao tiep , cho lam phat am chuan , dung trong cong viec . Minh cung co the day tai nha cua ban hoac o lop cua truong neu da co sap xet roi.
    Lop tieng anh cua minh chi duoc nhieu nhat 10 nguoi nhung vua roi minh da co hai lop chi co 5 va 7 tre em thoi a , nhu vay truong chinh cua minh se co hieu qua tot hon va chung ta co the thap chung nhieu hon de cho moi hoc sinh se duoc hoc bai tot .
    Ai co yeu cau de hoc minh co lop hoc tieng anh 2 buoi moi tuan / 1.5 h . Cho hieu them ve truong chinh cua chung toi cac ban co the lien he qua mail ellenlorenn@gmail.com hoac so dt 0981353841 . Xin cam on cac ban da doc thong tin.

    PS: Minh luon to chuc lop demo cho nhung cac ban ma muon hoc cung minh !!![ALT][/ALT]

    Hi my name is Lorenn, me and my husband are working as English teachers , we are two Canadians who spend more than 4 years working and living in Hanoi , during this time we had the pleasure to work with many school and we had all levels of students (children and adults ) we recently open extra classes at home on Lang Ha street and we are looking to recruit more students to join our program we are very flexible. We mainly focus on pronunciation, communication skills , listening and also preparing students who need to learn English for using at work . We have teaching certificates such as TESOL and we been working with high professional English center from Hanoi.For more details you can reach us on email at ellenlorenn@gmail.com or by calling 0981353841 (Vietnamese) 098620331 (English) . Thank you for reading our post we look forward to hear from you !!!

    PS: We always give free demo classes for whom might be interested

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    Chỉnh sửa lần cuối bởi Lorenn; 11/07/2016 vào lúc 11:01 PM.
    Hoc Tieng Anh voi giao vien NN 100%

    Lien He: ellenlorenn@gmail.com

    Tel : 0986420331 ( English ) 09813535841 ( Tieng Viet)

    Private classes
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