HCMC lease Rate:
Planning and budgeting for a relocation is no easy task, as estimating the “costs of living” in a foreign city can be a wildly confusing affair. Since accommodation costs, will inevitably make up a big chunk of an individual’s monthly expenses, expats relocating to HCMC are often faced with the challenge of estimating local lease rates.

Accommodation for lease in Saigon under US$500/ Month
In terms of the quality, the flat interiors will be basic serviced studios or 1-Beds (Approx. 25- 35 Sqm). At this level some condos may not be equipped with kitchens and in some cases old bathrooms may be offered (I.e. No separated shower). It is important to note that building facilities such as Pools, Libraries and Gyms will not be available in the lower-price limit lease options.
– Basic serviced Studio apartment with Non-Separated Bathroom
– One Bedroom condo for lease in a shared house
One Bedroom flat for lease in an old building (more than 8 years old building)
If location or design are really important for you, another option would be to seek an apartment share (Which is common in Ho Chi Minh).

Accommodation for lease in Ho Chi Minh from US$500 – US800/month
For sure, it will be more contented budget for the central area or Thao Dien , renters will be able to consider many flat options at this level. The unit layouts range from 1-Bed (35 – 50 Sqm) and offer nice and modern interiors such as a small kitchen, modern bedroom and bathroom. That most apartments at this level will usually benefit from facilities such as pool areas, gyms :
– Well designed serviced Studio accommodation with Separated Bathroom
– One Bedroom flat for rent
– Unique design 1BR apartment for rent in an old building
– 2BR condo for lease in Thao Dien (Tropic Garden, Masteri, Vista Verde, Icon 56 ….)

Condo for rent in Saigon from US$800 – US$1500/month
This price limit range is generally considered the good price limit for best 1-Bed apartments in District 1, 3 . and plenty of high rise building condos in both non-central and central locations available at that range.
Most units between those price points are modern, stylish and well-designed therefore making them ideal for working professionals.
– Very well designed and spacious 1BR condo with Separated Bathroom (from 50-80sqm)
– Unique design 1BR condo for rent in an old building Bathroom (from 50-80sqm)
– 2BR accommodation for lease in exclusive apartment building with a range of luxurious facilities in all best locations (Estella Height, City Garden, Vinhomes, Golden River, Royal,…)
– 3BR flat for lease in flat building with a range of luxurious facilities in all best locations (Icon56, Masteri Thao Dien, Tropic Garden, Vista Verde, The Vista, Vinhomes Central Park, Novaland buildings….)

Flat for lease in Saigon from US$1500 – US$2500/month
On this level 1-Bed renters will have full service flat in Ho Chi Minh and in ultra-exclusive condos and apartments with a range of luxurious facilities and amazingly convenient locations.
2BR condo are available starting at this rate with very good view and high floor and also a spacious using area, with a range of luxurious facilities in the newest and premium buildings.
3BR apartment are available starting at this rate with very good view and high floor and also a spacious using area in the newest and premium buildings.

Condo for lease in Saigon above US$2500/month
The tenant will tend to have access to premium level and a variety of most comfortable and convenient apartment options.

Villas in Thao Dien, penthouse more than 200 sqm, full services accommodation in 5* hotel,…. You can contact for private service for this level here

Saigon’s booming urban landscape, has created an enormous amount of options with condos rates ranging from as low as <500$ to premium levels such as more than US$6000 per Month for a penthouse in Ho Chi Minh with private pool. Therefore it is important to have a tailor-made and personal search assisted by an experienced Property Agent Housingsgn.com.

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