Hot slot game in SCR888 casino – Great Blue

Great Blue in scr 888 is a excellent illustration of a video slot which can transform your mentality immediately. Enjoying with Caribbean sound effects, steel drum music, and an gorgeous troupe of characters under the sea, playing Great Blue makes you feels like a small vacation. Morever when you get failure with this slot game, the comfortable space brings you right back into a tranquil mentality.

Playing rules in Great Blue
This is a typical five-reel, twenty – five payline game from the chiefs of Playtech gambling software. The cryptical ocean acts as the setting, and the boards are dwelled with bonuses, scatters, wilds, and viriety of fish. The theme of this game is to wrack up payouts by matching your paylines with winning symbol combinations. The pink clam shell acts as the scatter and the white and black orca serves as a multiplying wild.

Artwork in this game
Great Blue’s graphics are not difficult, and game of this type limited the animations. If you are a fan of Playtech’s more elaborately developed slots, you can not care for the simpleness of this one. That said, everything about great blue slot probably intend to bring out the relaxation for the player. If you find yourself getting annoyed and agitated by other slots, Great Blue can be the perfect nostrum. You can play it when you need an opportunity to calm down, take it easy, and just enjoy the scene for a while.

About the bonus round
One of the most attractive features of Great Blue is the bonus round. It should be taken notice that this is not one of those give and take slots giving you the illusion of winning while you’re actually bleeding money. This ocean-themed game is square and honorable. It’s a “high discrepancy” machine, meaning that you can look forward to having runs of both bad and good luck. Stick with it, though, and you might hit the bonus round. Paying the player as much as one hundred times the original bet, it’s one whale worth pursuiting.

If you hit three or more clam symbols on the board at 1 time, you’ll be taken to the bonus game. Five sealed clam shells will be showed to you, and you’ll be offered to select two of them to open. These shells may award bet multipliers and free spins, both of which may help add to your riches considerably. A lucky player might score more than thirty free spins and up to ten times the original bet in multipliers before the bonus round is over. It is through this bonus round that you can turn Great Blue from an outraging beguilement into an underwater gold mine.

If you want a slot machine which will make you feel like you’re sitting in the middle of a busy gaming hallway, Casino Las Vegas has dozens of games that fit the bill. If you are more fond of a slot that conveys a feeling of calm comfort, you have been looking for Great Blue slot game. Of course, there’s much more to this Playtech game than pretty animals and island music. With useful wilds, fruitful scatters, and a very remunerative bonus feature, Great Blue guarantees that patient players will not return to the shore empty-handed. It can take a while to crack this oyster, but you will be happy you put in the effort.

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