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Product Information Specification
Rated internal volume (L) 481

Dimensions (mm) Width 685 × depth 699 × height 1,757

Installation required depth (mm) 716

Product weight (kg) 102

Annual power consumption * 2(50Hz / 60Hz) (kWh / year) ※ 06年new measurement method (JIS C 9801- 2006 years) 190/190

Rated power consumption (50Hz / 60Hz) (W) Motor: 100/100 electric heating apparatus: 92/92

CFC-free ●

Defrost system Automatic

* 1: This is a measure of food storage space of the drawer-type storage room. For representation of the contents of the product, details, please refer to the Toshiba refrigerator general catalog.
* 2: annual power consumption, the Housing and display is required by quality display method, it is what was measured by '06 new measurement method (JIS C 9801- 2006 years) (For more information, please visit Toshiba refrigerator Catalog ).

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