Tapioca starch is a product of extracted starch with smooth white color
Tapioca starch is widely used in the food and non-food industry. In food processing technology of tapioca products such as glucose, dextrose, fructrose and other sweeteners.
Tapioca starch can be processed into a product in the form of crystals condiment which is monosodium glutamate. There are also a lot of related products which are also made from tapioca as fibers, pellets, milk cream, sauces, cream, adhesives used in food, thick powder for soups, etc. …

Product standards:
General standards for products as follows:
Starch composition: 85% min.
Moisture: 13% max.
PH : 5-7.
Dregs: 0.20% max.
Ash: 0.20% max.
Plasticity:700BU min.
Viscosity (6% 300C, pin no. 4): 6000-15000
The applications of tapioca starch in food starch and other industries.
1. Fillers:
Increase the solids content in canned soups, ice cream, fruit preservatives, pharmaceuticals,…
2. Binders:
Bind the product and prevent drying during cooking, such as sauces and preserved meat, …
3. Stabilizers:
Use high water retention function of the starch in creams, baking powders, ….
4. Textile industry:
Starch thread vertically to limit the thread breaking and splitting on the loom, …
Used in textile printing and dyeing: gelling dye, working like chromophore.
Starch finished fabric to improve fabric strength and weight, …
5. Thickener:
Thick features are used in soups, baby food, sauces, …
6. Paper industry:
Increase durability, foldability, help in waterproof paper …
Improve appearance and durability of paper.
For whirlpool papers, paper sheets and cardboard boxes.
7. Used as an adhesive in the industry:
Making plaster ceiling panels.
Breeding food processing (food for cattle, poultry, seafood, …)
8. Used in other industries:
Manufacturing of biodegradable plastic packaging.
Tire Industry Manufacturing.
Plywood Industry Manufacturing.
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