Greetings customers. If you are a corporate or a company that is looking for high quality refrigerant, with clear origins and among the best pricing in the high end market segment for either direct use or providing to your customers, then this is the place for you. We Dang Hai Anh (DHA) focuses on providing various gas types that fulfill all the above requirements, and they are refrigerant Floron from the popular SRF corporate of India.
As SRF exclusive distributor in Viet Nam, DHA has imported many types of refrigerant: From R32, R134, R22, R404, R410, R407, R600 and even R467 in the future (replacement for R22). All of these are produced with high level technologies and heavily tested by SRF themselves in India.
We also have all the needed certificates to reassure you. From origins, CO - CQ, qualification from center 3, MSDS, as well approval papers from SRF in order to prove our products, especially in this market with many copycats and other low qualities and unidentifiable refrigerant.